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Welcome to Cape Wholesale Beverages

A company set in the picturesque Western Cape Province; we produce & market a focused yet colorful portfolio, playing the field in various categories including Ready-mix Cocktails, Shooters and Liqueurs, Gins and value Wines. Our products are available in most retail outlets set in buzzing Cities ranging from Local large chain stores, online stores down to even the smallest of independent outlets situated in remote areas. We serve our Customers far and wide.

Established in 2004, we take great pride in our strong roots we’ve set in South African soil. Cape Wholesale Beverages started out mainly as a distribution company for other well-established liquor brands. After more than a decade’s exposure & observation in the market, we tasted the consumer’s deeper need and want for something more, new & different. We said yes to the challenge and so, Stiletto was born and we bathed in the glory of its growth & embrace from our Customers.

As a company we are invested in our consumers and understand the need for their support and thus forth bringing the importance of earning each individual customer’s loyalty. We’re always looking to identify and explore new markets, but more always looking to the Customer’s desire. We strive to contribute, share in and intensify those memorable moments of our Customers whilst always inspiring responsible consumption during enjoyment!

We set high standards for ourselves and the product we deliver, always keen on perfecting on those smaller details so often overlooked. Above all else we manifest the highest regard for continuous service delivery. This is the embodiment of our attitude & passion as a dynamic team with skills mastered over years of craftsmanship.

Our mission is simple. We are driven in what we do. We aim to deliver always on both quality & value.

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